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by sm1

A Celebratory Evening With Mistress Mir


I am a long time reader and have finally gained the confidence to try and add my own thoughts to this wonderful discussion. It is with great appreciation to the incomparable Mistress Mir that I have reached this point. I am certain many of you are aware of her, but to serve and please her over the last 1 ? years has been truly amazing. For anyone who thinks she has withdrawn from active participation and taken up a more sedentary lifestyle – you could not be more wrong. Her reputation as one of the great Dominants of all time simply does not describe the level of feelings she will generate in you during a session.

Coming to this scene rather later in my life, Ive had a lot of catching up to do; both in learning to be a good slave, as well as making up for all that lost time to experience the incredible sensations that rise to the surface throughout a session. I realize a lot of people criticize the Internet for bringing down the quality of the BDSM scene, but I must say that without having had access to this scene through the Internet, and discovering that there was a whole wide world out there that would welcome me and add a missing dimension to my life, I never would have found myself making that first telephone call to set up my first session.

After staring at this computer screen for what seemed like an eternity, I finally took that leap of faith and attended my first session only a few short yearsago. What a ride it has been since then! At first, my sessions were hit or miss in terms of quality. I had no clue what I was really doing. Some Mistresses found ways to draw me out and for others I was just a nonstarter.

Then came Mistress Mir. The connection was immediate and intense. Her dungeon is like no other. Five rooms (spread over 3 levels); two dozen structural pieces; more whips, chains, canes, hoods, clothing etc. than most stores would carry, atmosphere galore (deeply moving music, candles and unobtrusive lighting). For Mistress Mir cleanliness is beyond important. Every piece of equipment, every chain link, every cuff or collar, every piece of clothing – EVERYTHING – sparkles with how clean and safe it is. I should know because I have been pleased to have cleaned a lot of it myself. The confidence of safe, sane and consenual abounds when one enters her space.

We have had maybe 20 sessions – all so intense and compelling, yet never the same. Mistress has shown me true worship, pain, humiliation, servitude, bondage galore, coverup (from a simple straightjacket to extreme bodybags and lately, latex) and the list goes on. After gaining my confidence she extended more limits by slowly adding some others to our times together. First was her personal slave who merely observed for a brief time; then there was another Mistress; then another slavegirl and then a double session with both slavegirl and another Mistress. The more Mistress Mir pushed my limits the more comfortable I became and the more I enjoyed whatever she demanded of me.

THEN THERE WAS LAST NIGHT. About 6 months ago Mistress brought in a new slavegirl (out of respect for her privacy I have purposely left out her name), who had never been involved in BDSM in the past. She immediately became enthralled with all that the scene entailed. Mistress would often speak to me about how special this new slave was. About 2 months ago I had a chance, albeit very brief, meeting with the new slavegirl when Mistress Mir had asked a personal favor of me (a great honor in itself). From then on Mistress told me that it would be necessary to have the 2 of us serve her together at an upcoming session. Well it finally happened last night.

With Mistress dressed in black chiffon with red lace trim, only Mistress and I sat in her second floor living room sipping champagne (it turns out I had brought along her all time favorite -just another example of countless connections we seem to make) and admiring the holiday decorations throughout. I heard a sound from the third floor (a footstep?), but then nothing. How she then got down the polished wooden stairs while wearing black stilleto heels without making another sound is beyond me. Mistress kept her eyes right on me, but when I followed her eyes to my left – there stood the new slavegirl. Dressed in those heels, black stockings, black corset, a chain and lock around her neck and just enough makeup to be alurring, but not slutty, she was a sight to behold. Mistress said my eyes got as wide as my mouth (which dropped to the floor) as my head went from her feet to her head! I know she is right. Mistress never allows a session to be rushed. We adjourned to the Throne Room where the 2 slaves sat/kneeled at the feet of our Mistress. We drank the champagne and got to know each other some more. It was very important to Mistress that we felt comfortable before we really got started. Little did she know I was raring to go (in more ways than one) from the moment I realized that tonight was the night.

After awhile of being in the company of my Mistress and the new slavegirl it was finally time to get the evening festivites underway. Mistress announced that we would begin with a striptease. Now this was more than I could have hoped! Slavegirl stripping off those sexy garments would surely have me ready to follow any subsequent commands of the Mistress without hesitation. BUT THEN I realized that while slavegirl was dressed in slave attire, I was still dressed in my suit – jacket, tie, wingtips and all. So it wasn?t to be the slavegirl that would do the striptease, but rather it was to be me. With all eyes on me they both started to laugh when the side view, even before my trousers were down, clearly showed them that I was all set for the evening . Much to my delight Mistress was satisfied with my performance. When finished, Mistress rewarded me by placing an ankle cuff over my erection and told me to kneel down and pick up the remaining champange glass – without letting the loosely fitting cuff fall to the floor. Keeping my back as straight a possible I clumsily accomplished the task at hand.

The next couple of hours passed by in a flash. Mistress told us that the night would consist of sensual bondage, teasing and denial. Boy was she right. First the upright bondage rack, then the small cage, then THE MAN (you need to check out her website to see for yourself – this device is indescrible) and finally an inverted floating board. Our bodies were constantly positioned with sensual areas so near – yet so far- and then constrained so that any movement was painful, but oh so pleasurable. Mistress added some nipple torture, cbt, spanking and slapping – each touch causing more movement which brought more pain, which brought more pleasure. Different body parts from different bodies were bound together and strecthed to their limits. We all just floated away. Occasionaly, while in the process of moving from one device to another Mistress needed to leave the 2 slaves alone. During that time we had some brief moments to explore each other a little more – always being certain that limits were not being broken and dungeon rules were never ignored.. The earth had to shake (the house certainly did) during the final crecshendo as we all melded together.

Then came the laughter, joy, giddiness and peace that accompanies the final exaushtion.

What a wonderful way to celebrate this joyous time of year.

Thank you Maxville for helping me to find the courage to add BDSM to my life-I am a better person for it.

Thank you new slavegirl – I hope we will have many more opportunites to serve our Mistress together in the ways she desires.

Thank you Mistress Mir.