An Interview with Wolfman and Vault Magazine

How would you define the Domina?

She is a woman who has achieved a level of mastery with the skills and equipment of the scene. She has an enjoys control on many levels. She knows her power and is comfortable with it, and with herself. Because she understands the dynamics of the scene on all levels, a true domina is willing to assume the responsibilities that go along with the power she holds. She is a woman who understanding of the psychologies of dominance and submission in all their many forms. It is this level of expertise and experience that separates the true domina from a woman who is just providing a service.

How long have you been a professional Domina?

Although a lady doesn’t tell her age, I’ve been a professional Mistress for twenty five years. Of course I started when I was only six years old!.

What are the facets of Domination that you prefer?

Bondage, fetishes, feminization, and role playing are my favorites. Equestrian scenes, military scenes, medical scenes, and historical scenes, are just a few of the role playing scenes that I can get into. I enjoy becoming the character that I play.

How do you select your slaves? Which criteria are you using not to have trouble?

I listen care fully to what potential slaves have to say to me. I believe that the people in the scene are not out to cause trouble. Most of my clients come to me to have hidden fantasies fulfilled with someone they trust.
There are steps that my clients must go through to get to see me. For some the process begins with a letter, for others, we may begin over the telephone. I look for a person – male, female, or a couple whose letter or conversation shows a higher level of intelligence than average.
I have also developed a kind of radar through years of experience. As long as I stick to my own standards, and not let personal gain be my prime motivation, I don’t think that problems will arise.

Do you meet many slave candidates who don’t qualify?

There are always potential slaves who, for one reason or another, are just not compatible with me. Sometimes I know right from the start that we will not work well together. Sometimes, after a few play experiences, I realize that a particular slave is just not what I want. I don’t want anyone to feel as if they have been cast off. I try to find some level of understanding for all those who come to me. I cannot take on the world, nor do I have any wish to.

Do you also train women? Couples? Which do you prefer?

I train women and couples. When playing with women, I play more on a one to one basis. With couples I deal with the me complex sexuality of two people who first, relate to each other, and now must relate to also. The knowledge that both people enjoy what is happening is very important to me.

What are the required qualities to become one of your personal slaves?

A slave who joins my Inner Circle must be intelligent, truthful, unique and loyal. The potential slave must be honest about needs, desires, experiences, and a commitment to a long term relationship. Most of all he or she must have the time to prove themselves to me. Anyone can be good for a little while. Those who are in my personal circle have exhibited all those qualities and more over a long period of time.

Do you show your slaves “in action” outside your dungeon?

My slaves accompany me many places. Sometimes, we may just go to dinner and a concert. Others may be allowed to accompany me to an S/M club or a fetish conference. The affairs we attend together assist them with their growth in the scene. The best, I may show them off at large or small parties I have in my dungeon. This is truly a privilege. Those who make it to that status understand what a special level of service and loyalty they have reached with me. They also understand how much I value and cherish that loyalty.

Do you like to sodomize men? Is this permitted?

Yes!!! I love to sodomize men. I enjoy putting the “shoe on the other foot”. This form of play must be mutually understood and agreed upon due to the health problems that can surround this form of play. Sodomy is not legal in many parts of the United states. HOWEVER, in my dungeon, I am the law.

Do you like water games? How do you practice them?

Absolutely not! I don’t practice watersports because of the potential health problems.

And what about transvestites? Do you deal with them any differently?

The transvestite is a special player. Men who are into feminization, as part or all of their fetish scene, are a group I love to play with. Their point of view on the scene is unique. The cross dresser must be treated softly. I relate to my transvestites on a “girl to girl” basis. This allows them to freely express their feminine side. To the outsider, it might even look like a lesbian relationship.

Which is, for crossdressers, your favorite attire?

I insist that all my “girls” wear sexy, very feminine and good quality underwear-bras, girdles, corsets, garter belts, wigs etc. It starts their sexuality from the inside. No matter how I finally dress them on the outside, I love them in tight, waist-cinching garments, fine nylon stockings, and high heels.

How long do your sessions last?

I don’t rush my clients or myself. That’s why my sessions are at least two hours long. I can’t stand watching the clock. I go where the spirit and the other person inspires me to go. I feed off the energy of the person that I’m playing with. If I really “click” with someone, we can play off of each other. That is my ultimate pleasure. Then who knows how long we may be in the playroom.

Do you sometimes go to your submissives’ places?

Most of the time my slaves come to me. However, there are exceptions. I travel to, and spend time with, some of the slaves who are part of my Inner Circle. I will, upon occasion travel to a slave who has made me a generous offer. When I travel for a slave, I expect to be wined, dined, treated like a queen, and compensated for the amount of time that I must spend away from my dungeon.

Are there practices that you refuse?

I will do nothing that endangers life or health. Professionally… I do not exchange body fluids at all. No scat, golden showers, enemas or blood sports.

What are the rules of conduct that you impose on yourself?

My personal code of ethics is simple. I treat all my slaves with respect. They are all valued for their individuality. I will do nothing that would jeopardize myself or the well being of my “property”.

You have a gorgeous wardrobe. Is fetish attire very important to you? What do you prefer to wear during a session? Which material?

My first consideration, as I prepare for any scene, is comfort. The look of the clothing is very important, but during a scene I must be able to move about easily. Corsets, pants, stockings, and over the knee boots all allow freedom of motion.Latex hugs the body and looks wonderful, but I will not wear full latex during the summer. I also enjoy wearing uniforms. I have a large collection from different countries and branches of service. There are also many period costumes in my closet. I may choose to be the riding mistress one day, and a governess the next. Many different moods can be created depending on what the scene may require. I have many favorite outfits and don’t like to be limited; my extensive wardrobe reflects that.

How do you manage to stay in such great form?

I would love to tell you that I maintain my figure by sitting in a corset all day drinking champagne. The truth is, like most women, if I am to stay in shape I must exercise. So, three or four times a week I am at the gym. The body must fit into the expensive costumes. That’s the price of beauty.

How do you adapt to domination in your ordinary daily life?

I consider myself a lifestyle Mistress. The scene is far more than just my professional sessions (as my live in’s can tell you). Many of my slaves are also good friends. We have exchanged personal life experiences and the friendship has often intensified our play. Other friends include dominants, submissives, crossdressers, bondage babies and some are fetishists. I enjoy doing other things that allow me to present myself as Mistress Mir my personal self and not the professional dominatrix. I am a member or an honorary member, of a number of Leather organizations across the country, including the National Leather Association, and The Lesbian Sex Mafia, and The Society. I’ve done workshops for many groups, as well as hosting and participating in fund-raisers, and parties. It’s all in good fun, and the money goes to worthy causes. I’ve even judged, or emceed several leather contests. My personal slaves try to keep me up to date on legislation, special events, and other activities related to our unique lifestyle. I try to participate as often as I can because I believe that each of us has a duty to help protect the sexual freedoms that we enjoy.