Testimonials – slave m.b.

Become your best self through submission.

by slave m.b.

A very special Lady that I have come to know.

For those who read this, I want to tell you about a person I met over 10 years ago. I met Mistress Mir when I was about 22. I had discovered the world Of B/D when I was 18 years old and began to explore it when I was 20. I had been to some of the bondage houses in NYC, but my experience wasnt as fulfilling as I hoped for. While the Mistresses were very good at what they did and were very attractive, I could not enjoy the session as much as I wanted to. There was always some distraction or the Mistress wasnt really into the scene as much as I was. I decided I was going to seek out a Mistress who worked for herself and not a house. I was reading a fetish newspaper I bought and came across an ad from a very attractive woman. Her name was Mistress Mir and she was accepting new submissive for her stable. Novices were welcome to apply. So I sat down and wrote to her. You have to remember this was all before AOL and the internet. There were no web sites or chat rooms like there are today. If you wanted a Mistress you had to write to them and see what came of it. So I wrote to her and sent a picture. Several days later, I got a reply.

Mistress Mir asked me to call her to speak to her directly. I called and set a date. When, I met Mistress Mir for the first time I was struck by how beautiful she was. She had a lovely home in New Jersey, where it was very quiet. We talked about what I wanted to explore and do and she agreed to take me on as one of her new submissive.. We played that night and it was the best experience I ever had. Mistress Mir showed me things that I never knew existed and only dreamed of. This is a woman who is very good at what she does. She made me feel like no other Mistress could. Mistress Mir has one of the best dungeons I have ever seen. Her equipment is well made. She runs a session like no one I have ever known or met. Mistress Mir has a way that is hard to describe. Maybe, its the awesome music that she always has playing in the background that helps make the mood just right. Or maybe, it was her voice the way she speaks to you. She has had me in bondage all restrained and had come behind me and speaks ever so gently into my ear and says things that puts me under a spell. She has given me what I would call my version of an outer body experience. I dont do drugs of any kind and Mistress Mir has sent me on some of the best trips I have ever been on. She always made me feel rather special when we played. Like I was the only submissive in her life. Even though, I was one of many. She always new what buttons to push with me. Mistress Mir could take me to places sexually that no one else has ever done.

I have a very strange life. I have a great job, but I was working with a company that had me very stressed out. I use to work extremely long and hard hours. It would get to the point where I would almost break down. Thats when I would go to see Mistress Mir. She was like my special therapist. She would make me forget where I was and for a few hours the stress would all go away. Over the years I would see Mistress Mir when I could, but not as much as I would like to. When she moved up to Connecticut went to see her, but it was extremely hard due to the distance. I had from time to time visited another Mistress who was closer to help me with my passion to B&D, but it was never as good as being with Mistress Mir. There was something about this women, that made her stand apart from the others..

Mistress Mir is from a very special breed of Mistresses that doesnt exist anymore. Today, there are hundreds of Mistresses out there, but only a handful from the Old School as I see it. When she moved back to New Jersey, I went to see her and was so excited that she was back in New Jersey. I saw Mistress Mir the last time just before 9-11. We had a great time. When 9-11 came I was there. I saw the whole event and spent several months in recovery. I had become very depressed with my life partly due to what I saw. I thought about Mistress Mir a lot while this was going on, but I couldnt get away to spend an afternoon with her. It has been about two years since I last saw her. I had decided it was time for a change with my life. So I quit my job and moved to the state of Pennsylvania. I wanted to start a new life. The new job I had was not as stressful as my old one and I was assigned to an area in Northern New Jersey. In fact, I work a lot right near Mistress Mirs place. Once again I was thinking about her a lot and all the good times we had.

One day, I was checking my voice mail and I was shocked when I heard a familiar voice asking if I was OK and how I havent called in a while and to give her a call. It was Mistress Mir! She remembered me! I had a smile from ear to ear. I sent her a e-mail to let her know I did miss seeing her and wanted to see her again. She replied, …Just call and we will set a date…. Now, I dont have the stress in my life like I use to, but I wanted to be taken back to that special place that only Mistress Mir could take me. If you are ever seeking a special Mistress to be with, you need to look no further. She is a specialist in what she does and can give you any type of fantasy that you desire. She does all this with class and is a perfectionist at what she does. She has taken me places no one else can. I think of Mistress Mir is like a bottle of Fine Wine, as she gets older, she get better. I wish I could become more apart of her life, if I could. But I cant, so I cherish the time we spend together. She will always have a special place in my heart.

slave m.b.