Mistress Mir, known as Princess Royale Makeda in the Imperial Court of New York, has been active in the BDSM and Leather Communities for 45 years and was trained in the Old Guard tradition. She was given the title . The First Lady of Dominance by her peers in the community. She has had the privilege to Judge the Heritage of Pride March of NYC, participate in the March on Washington as a Banner carrier. The First Lady has served as a Board Member of the Imperial Court, Elder of Lesbian Sex Mafia, Folsom Street, Mistress of ceremonies, Auctioneer and Presenter of Black Beat, Dressing for Pleasure, Beyond Vanilla, TES, NCSF, Woodhull Foundation and Judge and Tally Master for several Leather Contests through the years. Princess Royale Makeda is continuing her charity work through the LGBT community in fund-raising, which she donates to social services and health support organizations. She has been giving presentations in health care facilities for over 12 years. The Imperial Court has been a champion for important issues, from Pre-Stonewall activism to the HIV-AIDS crisis. Mistress Mir believes it is time to give back all the joy and rewards, these opportunities have given her.