A very special Lady that I have come to know.
by slave m.b.

For those who read this, I want to tell you about a person I met over 10 years ago. I met Mistress Mir when I was about 22. I had discovered the world Of B/D when I was 18 years old and began to explore it when I was 20. I had been to some of the bondage houses in NYC, but my experience wasnt as fulfilling as I hoped for. While the Mistresses were very good at what they did and were very attractive, I could not enjoy the session as much as I wanted to. There was always some distraction or the Mistress wasnt really into the scene as much as I was. I decided I was going to seek out a Mistress who worked for herself and not a house. I was reading a fetish newspaper I bought and came across an ad from a very attractive woman. Her name was Mistress Mir and she was accepting new submissive for her stable. Novices were welcome to apply. So I sat down and wrote to her. You have to remember this was all before AOL and the internet. There were no web sites or chat rooms like there are today. If you wanted a Mistress you had to write to them and see what came of it. So I wrote to her and sent a picture. Several days later, I got a reply.

Mistress Mir asked me to call her to speak to her directly. I called and set a date. When, I met Mistress Mir for the first time I was struck by how beautiful she was. She had a lovely home in New Jersey, where it was very quiet. We talked about what I wanted to explore and do and she agreed to take me on as one of her new submissive.. We played that night and it was the best experience I ever had. Mistress Mir showed me things that I never knew existed and only dreamed of. This is a woman who is very good at what she does. She made me feel like no other Mistress could. Mistress Mir has one of the best dungeons I have ever seen. Her equipment is well made. She runs a session like no one I have ever known or met. Mistress Mir has a way that is hard to describe. Maybe, its the awesome music that she always has playing in the background that helps make the mood just right. Or maybe, it was her voice the way she speaks to you. She has had me in bondage all restrained and had come behind me and speaks ever so gently into my ear and says things that puts me under a spell. She has given me what I would call my version of an outer body experience. I dont do drugs of any kind and Mistress Mir has sent me on some of the best trips I have ever been on. She always made me feel rather special when we played. Like I was the only submissive in her life. Even though, I was one of many. She always new what buttons to push with me. Mistress Mir could take me to places sexually that no one else has ever done.

I have a very strange life. I have a great job, but I was working with a company that had me very stressed out. I use to work extremely long and hard hours. It would get to the point where I would almost break down. Thats when I would go to see Mistress Mir. She was like my special therapist. She would make me forget where I was and for a few hours the stress would all go away. Over the years I would see Mistress Mir when I could, but not as much as I would like to. When she moved up to Connecticut went to see her, but it was extremely hard due to the distance. I had from time to time visited another Mistress who was closer to help me with my passion to B&D, but it was never as good as being with Mistress Mir. There was something about this women, that made her stand apart from the others..

Mistress Mir is from a very special breed of Mistresses that doesnt exist anymore. Today, there are hundreds of Mistresses out there, but only a handful from the Old School as I see it. When she moved back to New Jersey, I went to see her and was so excited that she was back in New Jersey. I saw Mistress Mir the last time just before 9-11. We had a great time. When 9-11 came I was there. I saw the whole event and spent several months in recovery. I had become very depressed with my life partly due to what I saw. I thought about Mistress Mir a lot while this was going on, but I couldnt get away to spend an afternoon with her. It has been about two years since I last saw her. I had decided it was time for a change with my life. So I quit my job and moved to the state of Pennsylvania. I wanted to start a new life. The new job I had was not as stressful as my old one and I was assigned to an area in Northern New Jersey. In fact, I work a lot right near Mistress Mirs place. Once again I was thinking about her a lot and all the good times we had.

One day, I was checking my voice mail and I was shocked when I heard a familiar voice asking if I was OK and how I havent called in a while and to give her a call. It was Mistress Mir! She remembered me! I had a smile from ear to ear. I sent her a e-mail to let her know I did miss seeing her and wanted to see her again. She replied, ...Just call and we will set a date.... Now, I dont have the stress in my life like I use to, but I wanted to be taken back to that special place that only Mistress Mir could take me. If you are ever seeking a special Mistress to be with, you need to look no further. She is a specialist in what she does and can give you any type of fantasy that you desire. She does all this with class and is a perfectionist at what she does. She has taken me places no one else can. I think of Mistress Mir is like a bottle of Fine Wine, as she gets older, she get better. I wish I could become more apart of her life, if I could. But I cant, so I cherish the time we spend together. She will always have a special place in my heart.

slave m.b.

Just few words to express how wonderful it was, to hear from an old friend. We have shared many hours of bliss though training. Thank you for sending these thoughts for others to understand how life was and could be again, if only they would take the time to be real. Things have changed, but not always for the better. I enjoyed the slower pace in meeting and really getting to know the person, who will open up their personal emotions, to another.



A Celebratory Evening With Mistress Mir


I am a long time reader and have finally gained the confidence to try and add my own thoughts to this wonderful discussion. It is with great appreciation to the incomparable Mistress Mir that I have reached this point. I am certain many of you are aware of her, but to serve and please her over the last 1 ? years has been truly amazing. For anyone who thinks she has withdrawn from active participation and taken up a more sedentary lifestyle - you could not be more wrong. Her reputation as one of the great Dominants of all time simply does not describe the level of feelings she will generate in you during a session.

Coming to this scene rather later in my life, Ive had a lot of catching up to do; both in learning to be a good slave, as well as making up for all that lost time to experience the incredible sensations that rise to the surface throughout a session. I realize a lot of people criticize the Internet for bringing down the quality of the BDSM scene, but I must say that without having had access to this scene through the Internet, and discovering that there was a whole wide world out there that would welcome me and add a missing dimension to my life, I never would have found myself making that first telephone call to set up my first session.

After staring at this computer screen for what seemed like an eternity, I finally took that leap of faith and attended my first session only a few short yearsago. What a ride it has been since then! At first, my sessions were hit or miss in terms of quality. I had no clue what I was really doing. Some Mistresses found ways to draw me out and for others I was just a nonstarter.

Then came Mistress Mir. The connection was immediate and intense. Her dungeon is like no other. Five rooms (spread over 3 levels); two dozen structural pieces; more whips, chains, canes, hoods, clothing etc. than most stores would carry, atmosphere galore (deeply moving music, candles and unobtrusive lighting). For Mistress Mir cleanliness is beyond important. Every piece of equipment, every chain link, every cuff or collar, every piece of clothing - EVERYTHING - sparkles with how clean and safe it is. I should know because I have been pleased to have cleaned a lot of it myself. The confidence of safe, sane and consenual abounds when one enters her space.

We have had maybe 20 sessions - all so intense and compelling, yet never the same. Mistress has shown me true worship, pain, humiliation, servitude, bondage galore, coverup (from a simple straightjacket to extreme bodybags and lately, latex) and the list goes on. After gaining my confidence she extended more limits by slowly adding some others to our times together. First was her personal slave who merely observed for a brief time; then there was another Mistress; then another slavegirl and then a double session with both slavegirl and another Mistress. The more Mistress Mir pushed my limits the more comfortable I became and the more I enjoyed whatever she demanded of me.

THEN THERE WAS LAST NIGHT. About 6 months ago Mistress brought in a new slavegirl (out of respect for her privacy I have purposely left out her name), who had never been involved in BDSM in the past. She immediately became enthralled with all that the scene entailed. Mistress would often speak to me about how special this new slave was. About 2 months ago I had a chance, albeit very brief, meeting with the new slavegirl when Mistress Mir had asked a personal favor of me (a great honor in itself). From then on Mistress told me that it would be necessary to have the 2 of us serve her together at an upcoming session. Well it finally happened last night.

With Mistress dressed in black chiffon with red lace trim, only Mistress and I sat in her second floor living room sipping champagne (it turns out I had brought along her all time favorite -just another example of countless connections we seem to make) and admiring the holiday decorations throughout. I heard a sound from the third floor (a footstep?), but then nothing. How she then got down the polished wooden stairs while wearing black stilleto heels without making another sound is beyond me. Mistress kept her eyes right on me, but when I followed her eyes to my left - there stood the new slavegirl. Dressed in those heels, black stockings, black corset, a chain and lock around her neck and just enough makeup to be alurring, but not slutty, she was a sight to behold. Mistress said my eyes got as wide as my mouth (which dropped to the floor) as my head went from her feet to her head! I know she is right. Mistress never allows a session to be rushed. We adjourned to the Throne Room where the 2 slaves sat/kneeled at the feet of our Mistress. We drank the champagne and got to know each other some more. It was very important to Mistress that we felt comfortable before we really got started. Little did she know I was raring to go (in more ways than one) from the moment I realized that tonight was the night.

After awhile of being in the company of my Mistress and the new slavegirl it was finally time to get the evening festivites underway. Mistress announced that we would begin with a striptease. Now this was more than I could have hoped! Slavegirl stripping off those sexy garments would surely have me ready to follow any subsequent commands of the Mistress without hesitation. BUT THEN I realized that while slavegirl was dressed in slave attire, I was still dressed in my suit - jacket, tie, wingtips and all. So it wasn?t to be the slavegirl that would do the striptease, but rather it was to be me. With all eyes on me they both started to laugh when the side view, even before my trousers were down, clearly showed them that I was all set for the evening . Much to my delight Mistress was satisfied with my performance. When finished, Mistress rewarded me by placing an ankle cuff over my erection and told me to kneel down and pick up the remaining champange glass - without letting the loosely fitting cuff fall to the floor. Keeping my back as straight a possible I clumsily accomplished the task at hand.

The next couple of hours passed by in a flash. Mistress told us that the night would consist of sensual bondage, teasing and denial. Boy was she right. First the upright bondage rack, then the small cage, then THE MAN (you need to check out her website to see for yourself - this device is indescrible) and finally an inverted floating board. Our bodies were constantly positioned with sensual areas so near - yet so far- and then constrained so that any movement was painful, but oh so pleasurable. Mistress added some nipple torture, cbt, spanking and slapping - each touch causing more movement which brought more pain, which brought more pleasure. Different body parts from different bodies were bound together and strecthed to their limits. We all just floated away. Occasionaly, while in the process of moving from one device to another Mistress needed to leave the 2 slaves alone. During that time we had some brief moments to explore each other a little more - always being certain that limits were not being broken and dungeon rules were never ignored.. The earth had to shake (the house certainly did) during the final crecshendo as we all melded together.

Then came the laughter, joy, giddiness and peace that accompanies the final exaushtion.

What a wonderful way to celebrate this joyous time of year.

Thank you Maxville for helping me to find the courage to add BDSM to my life-I am a better person for it.

Thank you new slavegirl - I hope we will have many more opportunites to serve our Mistress together in the ways she desires.

Thank you Mistress Mir.




Mistress Mir and a Scary Scary Night  

After my last Review of Mistress Mir (?The Sensual Sadist Strikes Again...) i didn?t think i would be writing another so soon, but circumstances developed that just cry out for this story to be told. Please accept my apology right up front for what will surely be a very lengthy Review. i am hopeful that if you choose to read all the way to the end you will then agree that what happened cried out for everything that follows.

An opportunity arose for a lengthy evening session and Mistress decided to keep the entire plan a secret from me, except to say that it would be very ?scary?. Now i must say, i thought this was pretty impossible!! After all, what was She really going to do. i know that She won?t really hurt me, leave marks, breach hard limits, put my health at risk or do anything to jeopardize my personal life. My thoughts about what might happen ran from a forced fem session - something i am not really into - to a forced-bi session-which i have never done and is something that i think crosses boundaries that Mistress imposes in Her sessions.

So, while She can always come up with creative and intense sessions, truth-be-told i really did not think that She could come up with a session that would make me ?really scared.? OH BROTHER, HOW WRONG i WAS!!! By the way, as you read this review, what you will see in parentheses () will be what was really happening. As you will come to find out, my senses were shut down and so i often did not know exactly what was happening. I found out later, but to have this story run more smoothly, i will tell you what was really going on at the same time as i tell you what i thought was going on.

When i called to confirm my arrival, i was told to ring the bell at precisely 9:00PM. Typically i am to wait in the car until Mistress opens the door. Now this was already a little different than usual, but Mistress had told me in the past that sometime She would start a session the moment i arrived - no pre-session talk or sharing some champagne before we start. So i figured this was going to be that time - at least i was right about that part.

The door opened, a hand reached from behind the door and a finger pointed to the floor. i immediately kneeled in Her vestibule. i caught a quick glimpse of Mistress before a black silky hood was pulled over my head. No words were spoken. Some champagne that i had brought along was ripped from my hand. Before having my vision cut off i had noticed that Mistress Mir was dressed quite differently than her normal session attire. She was wearing a beautiful black dress-one that you might wear to go out to dinner-but none of Her leather, nor a corset and not as much makeup as usual. i found the hood to be quite comfortable as it was quite thin and very easy to breath through, although it went all the way down to my neck. Mistress then pushed it up at the ears and inserted ear plugs cutting off virtually all sound (apparently the ear plugs had been delivered by Domina Dante Posh shortly before i arrived - Domina we?ve never met or spoken, but thank You for Your contribution; they had a huge impact on cutting off my senses). Then 2 more blindfolds were placed over my eyes; the first covering just the sockets and fitting very tightly and the second, larger, but still very snug. Now my two main senses - sight and sound - had been completely cut off - and still not a word had been spoken.

i was pulled by my arm into the next room where some hand commands made it clear that i was to remove all of my clothes while remaining in my kneeling position. Wrist and ankle cuffs were attached, but not the usual ones with the soft furry insides; these were just plain leather (they would become wet later on so the soft ones were not used). i was then pushed to my back and dragged to a spot where i knew Mistress keeps Her power lift. my feet were attached to a spreader bar and i was raised about half way off the floor. Mistress? hands and wonderful fingernails then began to roam my body; digging, dragging, twisting and pulling various parts of me. I heard a muffled knock at the door and could make out enough sound to know that people were now talking, but could not actually hear a single word.. Suddenly the hands were back, but now there were four hands at work, not just two. Still no one had said a word -at least that i could hear, but i began to understand a little bit about what the evening would be like. (it turns out Mistress had 2 friends visiting, Sir D and her submissive ?smartypants?). Something that felt like a pole or stick then began to poke my body (it was actually an air gun). Then everything stopped and i just hung there - like a piece of meat. Then it would all start in again.

i finally understood and my legs began to shake uncontrollably as i realized that the ?scary? part would be that i would not know what was happening, when it might start or stop or who would be doing it. An attack would start without warning and then another and another - and thus far it had just been hands. I wouldn?t hear it coming or know what part of me was about to be tortured until it was too late. This was truly frightening.

Finally, i was lowered and pulled to my feet. We headed to another part of the dungeon - or so i thought! But no, instead i was pulled along to a door that leads to the garage. From the coolness i could tell that the garage door was opened. I was pushed toward what i knew to be the outside - my knees banged into what was obviously a vehicle. I was pushed down and in. At first i thought it was a trunk, but quickly realized that it was the back of a van. The floor had some type of rubber matting and the pole (gun) prodded me to move further inside. Then someone (Mistress) was winding rope around me and tying off my hands and feet and attaching the rope to points in the van. Had i actually been outside before entering the van while totally naked, hooded, blindfolded and cuffed? (Yes, but only for a few steps and it was dark and smartypants had made certain that no one was around). At least two doors then slammed shut and the van quickly pulled out of the driveway and swayed around several corners causing me to roll back and forth on the floor. Where could we be going? What would happen if there was taillight out and we got stopped by the police? (Sir D told me later that they would just explain it was my birthday [it wasn?t] and this was a kinky birthday wish i had always had; the police have seen much worse and this would have been no big deal she assured me).

i thought we might be headed to New York. Mistress?s dungeon is only a few minutes from the bridge. Perhaps we were going to a club in the City and She was going to drag me in there: naked and blindfolded and do God only knows what to me in front of God only knows who(i was wrong we weren?t going to the City). i didn?t think we really had enough time for this, but who knows. Surprisingly, i was incredibly happy and content bouncing along naked and tied up in the back of the van. Nervous? Definitely! But i just felt like i belonged completely to Mistress Mir and She would do with me as She pleased. After driving for at least 10 or 15 minutes, although it felt like an hour, we arrived at what was apparently our destination. The van backed up and within moments i was untied and being pulled, pushed and prodded (there was that gun again) from the van, onto my feet and inside somewhere. i thought, perhaps, we had gone to some other dungeon (turns out it was the garage at Mistress Mir?s, but they had transformed it into a special torture room for me that evening).

As i was moved along i came upon what was certainly a bondage table and was forced down and onto my back. My legs were spread - knees up and wide - and rope starting wrapping around me, including through my mouth. The whole time the prod (gun) was pushing hard against my temple. Soon i was completely immobile. Still triple blindfolded and unable to hear i did notice the odor of cigarette smoke startup and soon it was in my face. i am not a smoker (except for an occasional cigar) and i dislike cigarette smoke and someone (Sir D) was blowing it right in my face - very disconcerting, but a great way to disorient someone. During this time my body was throughly analyzed, measured and stretched in many directions (the group was trying to act as though they were aliens who had abducted me; but of course, i never figured that out). Then it was time for a vibrating anal probe (more alien examination) which was bound in place.

Still never knowing where the next attack would come from it was now time for some more extensive CBT. Pressured back to a fully erect position - the nervousness affected me more than i thought - there was suddenly screaming pain down below, although i couldn?t scream thanks to the well placed and very tight rope gag. i know that Sir D has a fondness for needles, but i could not believe that Mistress Mir would allow that because i was certain that marks would be left. The pain was extreme. (No, it was not needles! There were ?sounds? administered by Mistress Mir). First time i ever expienenced that, but knowing Mistress Mir it will not be the last.

The final torment while on the bondage table - believe it or not - was a vacuum cleaner and everything was eventually placed inside the tube. WOW, mind-blowing.

It was now time to return to the van. Pretty much the same routine as before, except this time i was made to sit up against the back of the backseat and i was secured in there with my hands tied high and my legs apart. Suddenly, the van doors slammed shut and i was left alone for quite some time. There was complete darkness and i couldn?t hear a thing. (It turns out some nearby neighbors had just come outside and seeing the ladies by the van, they decided to come over and chat for a few minutes - never knowing that just a few feet away inside that van was a naked, blindfolded, ear plugged and tied up guy).

When the rear van doors reopened i got the shock of my life - a GARDEN HOSE started streaming water straight at me. Full pressure was hitting me everywhere and being tied in the position i was in there was no way to really protect myself. At first the water was warm, but when the water that had been in the hose while it was lying in the sun all day was replaced with the water that was coming up out of the pipes it got very very cold. Finally the hose was shut off (thank You, Mistress), but i shivered for a long time. The ladies got back into the van, doors slamming all over the place and off we went. We went to some parking lot that was quite crowded - i could make out the sound of many cars going by and the muffled voices of people walking by. i was alone, tied up, cold, couldn?t see or hear and was now drained of energy. What else was going to happen to me? After what seemed like an eternity the ladies returned to the van (they had been just outside keeping a safe eye out the entire time), doors slammed and off we went again. This time the driver (Sir D) lurched the van in every direction, quick stops and starts and swerves all mixed in. I held on as best i could, but even with the rope bondage i got tossed around a bit.

Finally we returned to the dungeon. i was led, pulled, pushed, prodded and dragged up to the third level, placed in a silk body suit, forced to lay upon another bondage table and tied down with heavy chains. Despite the blindfolds and earplugs, at least i knew where i was and i began the process of coming down from the sensory overload. Again, i was left alone, but now there was great peace and serenity. After leaving me along to float in this state for some time, Mistress Mir returned to release me, but still the night was not quite over.

i was sent to the bathroom to clean up and then i was to join Mistress Mir, Sir D and her submissive smartypants in Mistress Mir?s bedroom. i was about to go downstairs to get dressed, but Mistress instructed me to remain naked and had me sit at Her feet, where i was permitted to rub Her feet and calves. We all shared some of the champagne that i had brought along and we talked about our impressions of we had just gone through. Now it?s one thing for me to be naked when I?m in subspace and in the middle of a session - i am not self-conscious at all. However, to be sitting at the feet of a beautiful Mistress while trying to carry on a semi-normal conversation with 3 wonderful ladies was a bit disconcerting. I know that probably sounds weird, but it was so different than the session play that I?m used to.

Unfortunately, the night had to end all to soon for me, but the time did come when i departed, although that was preceded by much kissing and hugging as we said our good byes.

This was a session never to be forgotten. The time, forethought and preparation that Mistress Mir, Sir D and smartypants put into this evening was awe-inspiring. So many things could go wrong during this time, but they had everything covered, including their casual conversation with the neighbors while i lay tied up in the van. Now i know why Mistress was dressed as though She was going out and not in Her normal dungeon attire.

For those of you who have stayed with me throughout the Review, thank you for taking time to share with me an event in my life that i relive every day. i apologize for the amount of space i have taken up to write this, but i am hopeful that having read it all the way through you will agree that the evening was deserving of a complete description.

Finally my thanks to Sir D, her submissive smartypants, and most especially Mistress Mir for making all of this possible.

An evening without sound or sight - and yet an astonishing great night. Simply amazing!!!

The adventure continues!




Mistress Mir Leaves Her Mark 

i've written previously about my distinction between 'boundaries' and 'limits'. In my mind limits are activities in BDSM that one will not agree to, while boundaries are activities that one might enjoy, but is prevented from engaging in by personal circumstances.. 

No 'marks' has always needed to be one of my personal boundaries, but i recently found myself in a situation where marks lasting up to a week would be no problem and the wonderful Mistress Mir knew it too. When i called to arrange the session Mistress Mir asked me to think about anything special i might want to do. i called back the next day and She told me that She had already planned out the session. Although there were several things i had planned to ask for, i decided not to push it and just mentioned that i would love to leave with ?marks? because my personal situation temporarily allowed for it. She broke into laughter telling me that once again we had connected because it was one of the things She had already planned. i could not have been happier. i did not tell Her that i was hoping for much heavier corporal punishment and the use of lots of leather. As you will read that is exactly what She gave me, plus a lot more. The way W/we connect on this level just never ceases to amaze both of U/us.

When i arrived i was directed to greet my beautiful Mistress Mir with kisses to both feet. She looked radiant, with some extra makeup, ruby red lips and dark red nails. i am a real sucker for red lips and nails. She was dressed in a flowing floor length black robe, corset and black ribbed top. Absolutely stunning. It was a privilege to get on my knees and kiss those feet. Then i was off to the bathroom to remove my clothes and the kitchen to open the champagne. With the champagne in an ice bucket and two glasses in my hand i requested permission to go upstairs to Her Throne. She directed me to enter, but when i got to the top of the stairs the sight of what i saw almost knocked me back down the stairs. It was not Mistress Mir sitting in Her throne. Instead there was another vision of beauty. Mistress Mir is in the process of training a new Top and there She was sitting in the place of my Mistress Mir. Mistress Mir had disappeared (temporarily). The trainee - we?ll call Her my Lady because She has made no appearances in Maxville (yet!) - has taken well to Her lessons. With a crop in one hand and a stern look She pointed to my place on the floor by Her feet. She welcomed me and told me that today i would be serving two Mistresses. Did i think i could handle that? i answered that i honestly did not know, but that i sure was willing to try.

Mistress Mir then re-entered and my Lady gave way to the Throne. i was ordered to bring another glass for champagne and we spent a few minutes relaxing and letting the mood overtake us (like i needed anymore incentive). Mistress Mir told me that many of the afternoon activities had been planned by my Lady and they had been speaking about how things would go for several days. i found this to be true immediately when i was told to stand and brace myself against the Throne and Mistress Mir(what a delight) while my Lady inserted a butt plug for the afternoon. i was not good at keeping it in place and a rope was used to tie it in place; winding around my waste, down under my butt, up through my legs, around my chest, under my shoulders and then tied securely to a posture collar my Lady placed around my neck. Now each time i picked my head up the butt plug would be driven into my ass. It wasn?t too big and so the feeling was quite delightful - at least at the beginning. Later when my Lady would pull me around by the rope or i was placed on a horse the feeling would become much more intense. Cuffs were then added to my wrists and ankles. While being prepared like this for Their feast i was kept pressed against the engulfing chest of Mistress Mir and found it hard to keep focused on what else was happening.

Then i was taken back downstairs - quite the experience with the butt plug in place - and the first main activity was to take place in Mistress?s living room in front of a large mirror. Mistress Mir sat on a large ottoman and i was told to lay across Her lap for a 'warmup'. To keep me from moving too much my Lady clamped my head between Her thighs. There is nothing like a good old fashioned hand-spanking to get the day started and that is exactly what Mistress Mir did. Starting off easy, alternating cheeks and then progressively getting harder and harder until both cheeks went from pink to burning red - to match those beautiful lips and nails. Positions were switched and i quickly found that my Lady has been taught well by Mistress Mir. She lit me up in no time at all. Mistress Mir had positioned Herself around my head, but in a way that easily allowed Her to attack my nipples with those delightful red nails - and attack She did. i had not been ready for quite so much intensity so quickly and was about to wimp out when Mistress Mir announced that was enough for the warmup. While things were then arranged in the Labyrinth i had a few minutes to grasp just how much pain i would endure and i was much more prepared to proceed.

Now i thought i have been exposed to every piece of equipment that Mistress Mir has in Her dungeon, but out came a flogging bench i had never seen. What a sinister device. Just wide enough to lay along, with the arms fastened on legs at the floor and my legs dangling down the back legs and fastened as well. The ass and back fully exposed. It was time for a caning. A caning? What about some flogging i asked? No, first the caning!! Soft, soft, soft, soft and then whomp!!! Yeoh!!!!!!!! And that's how it went for awhile with Mistress Mir showing my Lady how it was done and My Lady would follow suit. First one technique and then another. Some not to hard and some almost brought tears to my eyes. i know it could have been much worse, but this was still intense. Mistress Mir reminded me that i wanted 'marks' and She was happy to oblige this time (later at home i would count 14 clears stripes, plus lots of other smaller less distinct ones).

After awhile i was released, but only to be turned over so that my front side was now completely exposed and then fastened back down again. Now would come the flogging. Mistress Mir is so adept at the slow buildup that leads on off to subspace. First there was the heavier and thicker leather straps that have more of a blunt effect. Then the thinner and longer ones that sting so much more. And then other floggers She had never used on me before. These have biting attachments that feel like they are digging in your flesh when they strike. And the main target for all of this torture was my nipples. Oh man, talk about floating away. Again Mistress Mir and my Lady would alternate, with the one not tearing away at me standing behind me and occasionally dipping down with face and chest to give me someplace to bury my screams.

Having endured the torment without complaint Mistress Mir allowed for some additional pleasure as She applied a vibrator to my private area while my Lady continued the flogging of my chest and occasionally between my legs. Just when i thought i was sure to lose control without permission Mistress Mir decided i'd had enough

After a brief respite and some juice, because i needed to keep up my strength for what was ?about to come?, and pulled hard by the rope (oh, there was that butt plug again) my Lady led me back up the stairs (butt plug!!) and into the Hemp Room, where the Leather Man is kept. It is fully padded and wooden, cut out in the shape of a person. i was attached face in and ass out - legs spread wide; ankles and wrists snapped in place to eye bolts.

This time there would be no warmup. Without warning Mistress Mir struck my back hard with a thick leather flogger, and i mean hard. i thought i would pull those eye bolts right out of the wood. Then soft; then hard and off we went. my Lady would follow up.

As the flogging started i would tense and strain against each strike and prepare myself for the onslaught that was to come. At one point there were 2 floggers being used. I could not tell if Mistress Mir and my Lady were each yielding one, or if one of them was using both hands. Slowly though i drifted off to a deep subspace.

After a few moments (minutes?) as i came back down to earth i realized the MOST AMAZING THING. i was no longer fighting against the beating. my body had completely relaxed and while the pain overwhelmed me there was no longer any resistance. i just hung there and absorbed each strike. Even my screams had subsided. It was sheer pleasure to be feel each lash.

Mistress Mir asked if i had enough and i pleaded for more. Now there would be no turning back as Mistress Mir reached for some of Her favorite studded floggers. An incredibly different sensation as each blow carried both the feel of the leather strap coupled with the sting of the studs that ripped at my skin. i know Mistress Mir could have struck much harder, but She was kind and only attacked with enough strength to make me see flashing lights on the inside of my eyelids, but still to keep my senses. Her protege, my Lady, followed suit and did a fine job for a relative beginner.

Finally the cuffs were unfastened and as i stood on my own 2 legs my body was on fire and i shook all over, but it all felt just fantastic. I knew i would feel it later, but at the moment i was just flying.

Mistress Mir then said that my time was running short - not that She was in any hurry, but She knew that there was somewhere i needed to go afterwards. Nevertheless, She had one final event for the afternoon. Mistress Mir was trained in these arts by the Old Guard and She firmly believes that to be a good Top, one must learn from the bottom up. So my Lady was now to join me on a horse where we were bound together. The butt plug really did its work as my ass sank on the horse and my toes reached for the floor. However, to my sheer delight Mistress Mir had decided that this final stage would take place in Her personal bedroom. How privileged i felt. This is most private space and it is not often that a sub is allowed to enter such hallowed ground. Mistress Mir made me feel so special and a part of Her close circle by offering this great honor.

As we were bound together Mistress Mir inflicted one final round of a flogging on each of us, but we were able to hold the other for final comfort and support until our release came and i departed back to the real world.

As i said at the beginning of this review, i had wanted a session with ?marks?, heavy corporal and lots of leather implements. i had only told Mistress Mir about the ?marks?, but that keen insight She has and the unspoken connection we share led Her to arrange a session for me almost exactly as i had hoped. I say ?almost? only because i never expected that Mistress Mir would use me as an instrument of learning for Her new trainee, but am i ever glad that She did. As i said at one point during the afternoon, ?my Lady is going to be great, but i would expect no less when You are the one training Her Mistress!?

Thank you Mistress Mir for taking me further and further in this wonderful world.